Is there any way I can help you make The Open Mic better?

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You can help by sharing your ideas, by taking a stand and writing about the things that matter and spreading the word.

As an experienced translator, you know this industry like no one else.

You know what’s missing.

You know what’s better.

You know how to change things.

And the only way we can change things is by not being silent.

So, please, give The Open Mic a try.

Sign up for an account and start writing or re-publishing your great stories.

Stories that will change this industry and shape the future of our profession.

If you’re a blogger you can also help us grow by re-publishing your best content (or all of it) on The Open Mic.

The Open Mic uses canonical links to give all the credit to your original article and your website.

In a way, The Open Mic is absolutely unique because it helps you give new life to your older content and promote it to your target audience which we think is truly amazing!

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