So, no moderation at all?

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​Of course not.

We’re afraid that’s just impossible.

There are a few basic ground rules, that are described here.

The main idea is that every story you share has to be relevant, not offensive to social, ethnic or religious groups and not infringe copyrights.

No character assassinations too, please! There is no place for this on The Open Mic.

The Open Mic has a unique moderation system for newly published stories.

You can actually help us make The Open Mic a little bit better by reporting stories that violate site rules.

The authors of the stories that violate site rules will receive notifications and implement all the necessary changes to meet the site rules.

If they fail to do it, the story will be moderated in accordance with the site rules.

There is also an ongoing effort to combat spam and various scammers.

A system of account verification helps us add an extra level of credibility to your profiles and protects you from impersonation.

We would also like to find like-minded people who share our passion for this profession and would love to help with moderation.

We’ll see how it goes.

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