Can I write stories in my native language?

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You can, but there’s a little twist.

The whole idea of The Open Mic is to spread great ideas about the translation industry and our profession.

English is the most popular language in the world that’s why it kind of makes sense to keep everything in one language so that anyone could read and enjoy great content.

When everyone starts writing in different languages, it creates chaos.

Granted, we’re translators, and we can make sense of pretty much anything.

But we believe that having one language would make things much easier and more enjoyable for every single member of The Open Mic community.

Does it make sense?

That being said, we are not opposed to the idea of localization, we simply don’t know how to approach it yet.

One of the ideas we have is publishing bilingual articles.

Your language + English translations.

If you like the idea, connect with awesome people on The Open Mic and find someone who can help you translate your story into English.

We’re sure that there are plenty of amazing people who will be happy to help.

Plus it’s a great exercise and a perfect opportunity to showcase their skills in real time.

Don’t forget to give a proper credit to translators who helped you translate your story.

They will appreciate it.

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