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Can I preview my stories?

Yes! When you save your story as a draft you can preview it and see exactly how it will look...
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What happens when I click submit?

Your story will be published on The Open Mic. Instantly ūüôā We don‚Äôt have the review or approval process. Everything...
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Can I save stories as drafts?

Saving and Managing your Drafts When you’re writing a new story on The Open Mic we recommend you hit that Save...
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Can I create my own category?

We really tried thinking of all the possible types of stories you might write, but we have to admit that sometimes...
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How can I make my Open Mic stories pop?

As you could’ve guessed was the biggest inspiration when we¬†were¬†designing The Open Mic. We¬†always admired the cleanness of their...
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