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The Open Mic was designed so that you could share anything that has something to do with the translation industry an our profession.

Industry news? – Sure!

Marketing tips? – Absolutely!

Your personal thoughts, observations, and ideas? – Bring it on!

To make it easy for you we tried to think of all the different kinds of content you could share with our little community and came up with 21 categories.

Branding & Design

What’s it about: Personal branding helps freelance translators stand out from the crowd. Share your branding tips and read the advice from expert marketers.


Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/business/

What’s it about: This is a serious, no-bullshit category about running your translation business. Get the tips from the most successful entrepreneurial linguists or share your own.

CAT Tools & Technology

What’s it about: Share your experience of using different CAT-tools or software that helps you in your work. You can also share some how-to’s and user guides.

Client Education

What’s it about: It is important to educate our clients about translation industry. Here you can share your tips and best practices on finding language professionals.

Food For Thought

What’s it about: When you can’t be silent. Talk about important things, the things that resonate with your audience and make people think.


Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/humor/

What’s it about: Share your funny stories or videos, pictures, and GIFs. Anything that tickles your funny bone will do!

Industry News

Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/industry-news/

What’s it about: Share current news about translation industry, new developments, announcements or coverage of industry events, etc.

Inspiration & Motivation

What’s it about: Read the most inspiring stories from aspiring and seasoned translators. Or you can share your own story and inspire others to follow their dreams.


Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/interviews/

What’s it about: Interviews with notable industry professionals and seasoned translators. Learn more about successful translators and find out more about their approach to business and marketing.

Life At The Bottom

What’s it about: If you feel like a certain translation agency is charging too little and damaging our profession this category is for you. Please include all the details about an agency in question and make sure you use a respectful tone. Simply state the facts. There is no need to be aggressive.

Lifestyle & Health

What’s it about: Share your lifestyle tips and help every freelance translator take a proper care of their health, emotional and psychological well-being.


Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/marketing/

What’s it about: Read the best marketing advice from experienced translators. Learn how to grow and promote your translation business.

Non-Payment Alert

What’s it about: It’s awful when you can’t get your payment. This category was designed to warn other translators about poor payment practices.

Podcasts & Videos

What’s it about: Do you make podcasts or videos about translation industry? Or you’d like to listen to the popular podcasts and watch videos? Then this category is for you!

Professional Development

What’s it about: Do you take any CPD courses? Or perhaps you’re getting a new degree? You can share your experience in this category.

Social Media

Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/social-media/

What’s it about: Learn how to use modern social networks to promote your translation business online. Tips about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for translators.

Terminology World

What’s it about: Passionate about terminology research and management? Then this category is for you!

The Open Mic

Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/the-open-mic/

What’s it about: Your ultimate place for announcements, new features and everything that’s happening at The Open Mic. Learn how to get the most out of this amazing platform.

Translator’s Diaries

What’s it about: This category is perfect for spontaneous thoughts, ideas, and observations.

Translator’s Memoirs

What’s it about: Share your memories and the most interesting and memorable moments of your life. Share your journey in this amazing industry and tell young translators about all the challenges and opportunities of this profession.

Web Design

Link to that category: https://theopenmic.co/web-design/

What’s it about: Everything you need to know about web design if you want to build a website for your translation business. How to choose your hosting provider, domain name, WordPress theme. What the heck is WordPress? All that kind of stuff.

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