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We’re one of those silly individuals who don’t believe in paywalls.

We don’t believe in membership fees.

Yes, it would makes sense to have paid memberships so we could support the development and cover the site maintenance costs.

But we believe in the power of community and bringing value.

We feel like it’s not fair for us to ask for money if we cannot offer enough value for your money.

And since it’s really hard to define the value of the first blogging platform for translators we decided we’re not going to offer paid memberships.

You’re free to use all the features that we have and explore the power of our community on your own terms and at your own pace.

Building a paywall would mean that we’ll need to offer a stellar support team of dedicated professionals who would be able to help you get the most out of your paid account.

But we’re not sure we can offer that kind of support at the moment.

That’s why The Open Mic is free and powered by the sheer enthusiasm of people who help develop it.

That being said we still need money and we will run fundraising campaigns to help fund our development and pay our bills.

It would be awesome to have your support but we will never force anyone to pay in order to enter The Open Mic or be a part of this community.

We also want to develop features and tools that would help all of us find more work and find reliable clients who respect our work.

We’re not sure how exactly they’re going to look like, but we think we have some great ideas that can definitely improve our industry and user experience.

We might charge a commission for using those tools, but it’s not definitive yet.

We’ll see how the development goes.

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