Co-Promotion of Translation Services for Freelance Translators

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    Hello, people! As you know, on October 26 I suggested to start a co-promotion campaign for freelance translators – members of SFT group. I asked you to share the links to your websites and FB pages. Until today, 41 awesome translators shared the links to their resources with SFT group.

    The links include websites, FB business pages, LinkedIn and Proz profiles. I have sorted them out and now it is high time to discuss how we can help each other to promote our web pages.

    Before we start, please, be informed that this promotion campaign is absolutely free and it will be conducted on a voluntary basis. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Remember, the more you help — the more support your get!

    Since we are going to promote our services on the web, we will use social media “currency” — likes, shares, comments, reposts, retweets, etc. We spend much time on the web, using social media sites in particular.

    Why don’t we take an advantage of community power and help each other spread the word about wonderful translators with minimum efforts?

    I have prepared preliminary guidelines with a list of activities and a schedule for co-promotion on social networks. You can find them via this link to SFT forum…/join-discussion…/

    Your comments are much appreciated! I also invite you to register with SFT forum… to share your thoughts and suggestions about co-promotion campaign.

    Why I’m trying to move the discussion to the forum? It is much easier to track and register all proposal and suggestions on a forum as it is more static and structured – you can always find a link to the discussion from the main page, while it is hard to find older discussions on social networks.

    In addition, you will get a cool profile where you can describe your services and place another link to your website to add value to your blacklining profile and SEO in general.

    The forum is still under development but I have a long-term vision of SFT forum as a resource base for freelance translators.

    If for some reason you don’t want to register with SFT forum, you can share your thoughts here.

    Main co-promotion activities:
    • Like FB pages, like and share FB posts, invite to like pages.
    • Share website pages and posts on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn.
    • Follow on Twitter and RT.
    • Follow on LinkedIn, like and share.
    • Publish guest blog posts.
    • Post comments on blogs.
    • Subscribe to blog updates.

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    Simon Akhrameev

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    Blogger, entrepreneur, certified English-Russian translator helping businesses expand to the Russian market since 2007 offering technical, legal, and marketing translation & localization services.

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    1. Like I’ve said before – great idea and it really makes a lot of sense to help each other to gain extra visibility on the web. I’ll make sure to feature this in The Open Mic Daily 🙂

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