One-liner #47: Don’t be a baby centaur Make sure your legs and hands are equally able

Less than 1 minute, my friend!

“If centaurs were real, the bottom half would start walking around immediately after being born, while the top half would be all floppy for the first two years.” ~Odin343

When you have just started a translation business, you will often feel the urge to go out searching for clients right away. That’s easy: Most companies need translation today, so you will find leads easier than if you were, say, selling china.

Resist it. First, get the right people on board, then learn the tools, then manage a few smallprojects that you’re sure you won’t fuck up. After a dozen, find more people, learn more tools, and manage slightly bigger projects.

Make sure your legs and hands are equally able. Don’t be that baby centaur.


This post is part of a yet-non-existent book working-titled “The 101 one-liners of running a translation business.” What do you think? How stupid is the advice? How lame is the working title? Is “working-titled” even a word? Were you offended by the word “fuck”? Let me know in the comments!

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Hey, I’m back from my slumber! Now giving my best shot at running Gyglio ⚜️ Grows you global. I know a bit about running a translation business and will try sharing some of it here.

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