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Howdy friends!

Dmitry here.

As you probably know the articles that we publish on The Open Mic are the driving force of this community.

We strongly believe in knowledge-sharing and promoting the image of our profession.

We have an amazing community of authors and blogging translators who dedicate their time to cover a whole variety of topics: Business, Client Education, Game Localization and much more.

In the past 3 years we’ve published well over 900 articles, in fact we’re approaching the magic number of 1,000 articles published on our platform and we’re absolutely thrilled and more importantly grateful to all the contributors.

We are also thankful to our readers for reading, sharing and commenting on the articles that our authors spend so much time and energy crafting.

We’re also constantly working on improving both writing and reading experience.

Our moderation system helps us select only the best articles that meet our standards and publishing rules.

Strangely enough, this month we had to reject more articles that we actually published, so that’s a good sign, I guess 🙂

We also do a lot to promote the articles of our authors with the help of our newsletter and thanks to our growing presence on social media (you can be our friend on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by the way).

Speaking of which, to help us make this community even stronger and expand our reach we have created several Zapier integrations.

If you want to help us grow, feel free to explore them below.

What’s Zapier?

Ok, first things first, Zapier is an automation tool used by millions of people.

It helps you connect different apps and automate your workflows without any knowledge of coding.

Here, at The Open Mic, we use it to automatically share our published articles across social-media platforms.

If you enjoy our articles and would like to help us spread the word about The Open Mic.

They say a video is worth a thousand words, so let me explain how it works in a couple of videos below.

How to get started?

Simply create a free Zapier account and come back to this page to explore our Zaps below.

You may also find these Zaps on your account settings page if you’re a registered member of our community.

Feel free to post a comment or open a support ticket if you run into any problems.

Thank you for using and supporting The Open Mic and have a lovely weekend!

~ Dmitry

The Open Mic Team

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