Gert Van Assche

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offlineJoined December 11, 2015Belgium
Skeptical technology lover, testing a lot of translation tools. Occasionally I translate and develop software myself as well. I help LSPs through Datamundi, translators through Fair Trade Translation.
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A few things about me

From 11 to 15 years of experience

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My rates

I prefer to post-edit machine translation output, but I only accept a job if I see I can be productive on the job. If the MT output is of poor quality, I prefer to point you to a professional translator.

My biography and experience

I have been working in translation for more than 15 years. I now (co-)own 2 companies:

  • Datamundi, to help LSPs and Translation Technology Companies work more efficiently and be more innovative.
  • Fair Trade Translation, to bring the principles of Fair Trade to the translation world, because I firmly believe all translators should be paid a fair price for the work they do. I have quite a lot of experience with machine translation and post-editing, but I know very well MT is not helpful to many translators because the quality of the pre-translation made by an MT engine depends on the source document: some texts are really not fit to be machine translated. I made it a personal mission to make these texts visible to translators.

From time to time I spend a couple of days to translate myself (ENG>DUT) so I can feel how new technologies are working, how it is to translate or to post-edit, how hard it is to change habits. When I compare the delivery of professional translators to my own efforts, I often am impressed by what they produce. Yet I firmly believe some of the tools I created in the past, are really helping the translators to be more productive.

My sympathy goes to open source projects, open data, and open standards (like XLIFF, TMX, SRX...). I have Rainbow for breakfast, OmegaT for lunch, and SQLite for dinner.

I admire inventors of all kind and entrepreneurs, not just the people who run big companies, but also those who take the risk to run a one-man company. Most of all I love people who care and share. I spend a lot of time listening to translators, trying to understand what they love, what they hate and what they need.

Last year I decided to work 2 days a week in a school for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder . With pleasure I teach them all they want to know about networking, software development and testing,... I prefer to spend my free time helping local communities and nature-care organisations. And enjoying my big family of course.