#BlabbingTranslators: On being a refugee mentor feat. @CarissArabic Season 1, Episode 14

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We use our skills to connect people and build bridges between cultures.

We can also use them to help those in need and make their life in a new and unfamiliar environment easier.

In this episode a US-based Arabic into English translator Carissa Skrivanek shares her experience of being a refugee mentor.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a refugee mentor does
  • What are some of the problems refugees have to deal with
  • What kind of activities a refugee mentor can do with refugees
  • How you can get involved in helping refugees
  • How being a refugee mentor can enrich your life

…and much more!

Listen to the audio:

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Watch the video:

Skills Refugees Should Know


What can we do together

The below two links were provided by our viewer, Andrea Spila:

An article on importance of translation tools for refugees

Clowns without Borders (a non-profit organization which offers “resilience through laughter”)

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