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Don’t be afraid to reach out! As freelance translators, we can sometimes get stuck in our own little bubble. The Internet really is a great place and can help you connect to different aspects of yourself and your profession.
Today, I am tackling three different categories:
1. Webinars/online training
2. Podcasts
3. Blogs
1. Webinars/online training
Professional development is my go-to activity when I am having a slow day, week or month. Free webinars or training sessions not only keep you busy but reduce any stress you may have about being “unproductive.” By taking advantage of the free resources available to you, you better yourself and your business.
My top picks:
I know I’ve mentioned this resource before in another blog post, but it definitely deserves to be on the list again. You can browse upcoming webinars or listen to recorded webinars. Investing time into your professional development is never a bad thing!
Even with a free ProZ membership, you can access a whole slew of different webinars and training courses. The best thing? Most of them are free. You are spoiled for choice with on-demand courses, scheduled courses, in-person training sessions, videos and more. Take your pick!
2. Podcasts
I’m sure many freelance translators have already heard of the Speaking of Translation, Marketing Tips for Translators and Globally Speaking podcasts. They are wonderful resources and amazing tools, so you should definitely check them out, if you haven’t already. However, I would like to shed some light on some lesser known podcasts that also focus on translation, freelance work and running a remote business.
My top picks:
Katherine Conaway runs this interview podcast that is not only focused on freelance translators but all types of freelance workers and digital nomads.
This podcast has been described as “the podcast every freelancer should listen to.” It’s chock-full of freelance tips, business advice and life hacks by freelancers for freelancers.
A really interesting podcast by Mohammed Albakry and Joseph McAlhany described as “a discussion of issues in translation, from the classical past to the global present.” Get listening!
3. Blogs
Blogs are probably one of my favourite resources, as there are so many great ones out there. They have a special a way of reaching out to you and making you feel as though you aren’t alone in this freelance translation hustle. Again, there are so many amazing blogs out there including the Marketing Tips for Translators blog and the Thoughts on Translation blog that you should really be reading! However, I want to share with you some lesser known, yet just as amazing blogging resources.
My top picks:
Madalena is an established translator that provides a lot of insight into everyday struggles that translators face. She offers guidance, tips, tricks and personal experiences on how to keep your translation career moving forward.
I stumbled upon Rebecca’s blog when browsing Twitter and I was immediately hooked. Her style has a beautifully personal touch and her content is fresh, relevant and inspiring.
I have found a lot of inspiration from the Open Mic community. The blog topics are varied and consistent, and are written by like-minded individuals. Check back often as new posts pop up regularly!
Susie provides really amazing content answering a lot of questions that freelance translators have on their mind. Her posts are informative, straight-forward and educational.
I love Sarah’s style and wit! She describes her blog as “a language blog that also dives deep into business, educational, and oceanic topics.” It really is all of that and more!
Let me know about your favourite FREE resources in the comments below!
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