Time to Revolutionize Your Business, Don’t You Think? Because there’s more to being a translator than managing your paperwork

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    For the next few months we’re partnering up with our friends from LSP.expert to promote their excellent project management software for freelance translators.

    Make sure to check out their website and get your hands on a free 30 days trial.

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    Time to Revolutionize Your Business, Don’t You Think?

    Let’s be honest, translators who love managing their day-to-day planning and who can’t wait to get to the end of the month to spend a few hours creating and sending their invoices are something of a rarity!

    In fact, the administrative part of our job is nothing more than a ‘necessary evil’, something that has to be dealt with if we want to continue doing what we really love: translating, revising, localizing, etc.

    Most translators have established a good management system, using, for example, a very comprehensive Excel file combined with an invoicing tool. The problem is that, while this system is effective, it’s also time-consuming because these tools aren’t connected to each other. It means the translator has to copy the data from one tool to another, hoping not to make any mistakes in the process (which we sometimes do, because we’re human!).

    Well now there’s an all-in-one tool that can help solve these problems – LSP.expert! Developed especially for freelance translators (and 100% made in Belgium!) it contains everything a freelance translator needs to get things done, nothing more, nothing less. A tool created by translators for translators.

    LSP.expert dashboard screen - The Open Mic promo (find translators on theopenmic.co)

    But what does it do exactly?

    • Project managementLSP.expert allows you to manage your day-to-day planning with ease. You can create a job in just a few clicks, change its status, define your progress and add notes. You can also add the Project Manager and the PO number, enter CAT tool matches or import them directly from an analysis file, and add files for the job. If you want to know your performance per hour or if your client asks for an invoice in hours, you can also track the time you spend on each job.
    • Quotes and invoicesIn LSP.expert, you can create your quotes and invoices in seconds, and you can send them directly from the platform to your clients. You can also change their status to keep track of them. At the end of the month, you simply have to select all the jobs you would like to invoice and click on one single button (that’s right, and even if the jobs are for different clients) to create all your invoices at once.
    • Client managementFor each client, you can manage the services you offer, the rates you apply (including for CAT tool matches), the currency, the payment term, the taxes and the contacts to whom the quotes and invoices will be send. You can also add generic files for each client (a confidentiality agreement, instructions, etc.)
    • ReportsBecause keeping track of numbers is an important part of managing a business, LSP.expert offers 10 different reports including: how much money you will receive in your bank account at the end of the month; who your biggest client is; how many words you translate per hour; how much tax you’ll have to pay; and how much money you are gaining or lose because of exchange rates. All of these are shown in clear tables and charts and offer the possibility of filtering the information you want to display.
    • SettingsThe Settings in LSP.expert are very comprehensive. In addition to managing your account, you can also: define your localization settings (how to display dates, numbers, etc.); manage your services and CAT tool matches; choose different document templates for your invoices and quotes; create a new configuration to import matches from a CAT tool analysis file or translate your documents into another language; and import or export your data in Excel.
    • Other nice little thingsLSP.expert also comes with other very useful add-ons, such as the possibility of assigning labels to jobs and clients, well-thought exchange rate management and a little bell icon for alerts (when a job is due for today, when an invoice is overdue, etc.). There is also a Help Center containing dozens of articles and a “Help me” link on each screen explaining everything there is to know about that specific screen.
    • Functionalities to comeIn the future, some great new features will be added to LSP.expert. The first (and most significant) one will be an expense management and outsourcing module for translators working with a network of other freelancers. There will also be the possibility of several translators (or even translation agencies) working simultaneously on the same account. There will also be many more, often resulting from LSP.expert users’ feedback on existing features.


    Flexibility and peace of mind: LSP.expert is a cloud-based platform that allows you to access your account from anywhere, on any device (computer, tablet and smartphone). It also offers simplicity when it comes to back-ups and updates, as you don’t have to install anything on your computer (and you will always be working with the latest version).

    Naturally, LSP.expert has a strict data protection policy: your data is stored on different servers to make sure it never gets lost; your communication with these servers is encrypted; and your data will be permanently erased if you choose to delete your account one day.

    So How Much Does It Cost?

    LSP.expert is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. A monthly subscription costs €10.50 a month, whilst a yearly subscription costs €108 a year (that’s just €9 a month!). For this price, you get a great tool tailored to the needs of freelance translators, premium support from the LSP.expert tool, a back-up of your data and regular updates and new functionalities (often arising from users’ suggestions).

    When creating an account at www.lsp.expert, you also get a free 30-day trial period to test the tool down to the very smallest detail.

    So, are you ready to revolutionize your business?

    Dmitry Kornyukhov

    About Dmitry Kornyukhov

    Founder of The Open Mic. Video game localization specialist. I help video game developers, game publishers and localization studios bring their projects to the Russian-speaking gaming community.

    10 thoughts on “Time to Revolutionize Your Business, Don’t You Think? Because there’s more to being a translator than managing your paperwork

    1. I’m really excited to welcome the fine folks from LSP.expert among our sponsors and hope that you give this excellent tool a try. To learn more visit their website: link to bit.ly

      And if you have any questions or feedback you can share it in the comments below! Do you use LSP.expert already? Would love to hear your opinions!

      1. Hey Petro!
        Here’s what developers say:

        “We chose an online solution because we think it’s easier for updates (we’re constantly enhancing the tool by adding/improving functionalities), back-ups (your data is stored on different servers) and availability (you can access your LSP.expert account from anywhere, on any device).

        And it’s easier for you too because you don’t have to install anything on your computer to start/keep on working.

        You don’t have to worry about the security of your data. They’re stored on three different servers (to make sure they never get lost) and all your communications with these servers are encrypted. And our data center is one of the best on the market.

        You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription, all the data you entered in LSP.expert will be erased, without any possibility for us to retrieve it.”

        I hope it helps! 🙂

    2. I love using LSP Expert. Easy and intuitive, does everything it should, without going overboard.

        1. Actually, this was their official reply. 🙂 Here’s what they told us: “We don’t plan to release a mobile app, because our website is responsive and can be accessed on any device. So any user can manage his jobs and invoices with LSP.expert on his smartphone.”

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