#TranslatorsOnAir CPD for translators feat. @lucindabrooks Season 2, Episode 19

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    Hey friends!

    I hope you’re having a lovely day!

    I just wanted to share a recap of our recent episode of Translators On Air that we’ve recorded last week.

    Even though we had some technical difficulties along the way, we had great pleasure talking to Lucy Brooks who runs eCPD Webinars. Lucy shared some great tips about planning and evaluating your CPD and offered a great deal of valuable advice to anyone who wants to invest in continuous professional development.

    You can watch the replay right here.

    You can  also watch/listen on YouTube or SoundCloud below.

    Watch on YouTube

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    Or if you’re super busy, you can check out some of the highlights below.

    Highlights of the Show

    1) Lucy explains how you can plan your CPD
    2) Lucy talks about different types of CPD courses
    3) Lucy explains why CPD is important

    To watch the entire episode simply click this link.

    About Lucy

    Lucy Brooks is a qualified translator from German into UK English, concentrating on business, commercial and technical texts. In 2010 she founded eCPD Webinars, and has produced hundreds of webinars for translators’ continuing professional development (CPD) covering most of the subjects in which translators work.

    She also offers a consultancy service for translators seeking advice on career direction and CPD. She combines both activities during her busy working week.

    In this episode you will learn:

    • Why CPD is important;
    • How you can plan and analyze your CPD;
    • How you can make the most of the courses you take;

    …and much more!

    Watch this episode online

    Lucy has also shared some fantastic resources that you can use to identify useful CPD courses and webinars, plan your CPD and reflect on everything you’ve learnt. You can find these files right here.

    P.S.: As always, sharing is caring! 99.99% of translators never heard about our show, so if you really enjoyed watching this episode, make sure you click one of those social-sharing buttons below.

    Hugs from Toronto and Nizhny Novgorod!

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