Natalia Esperanza

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offlineJoined October 6, 2015Education and/or pedagogy, Health Care, Human resources, Medicine (general), Tourism and travels
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Joe Mak

A 28 year-old professional freelance translator based on the U.K. I speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and English, and I had 5 years of

Elisenda Martínez

Crafts, cats, music, books, art, travel. Passionate about languages, fell in love with translation several years ago, now I'm willing to turn my passion into

Liliya Rusavskaya

Certified translator - English to Russian. Fields of expertise - agriculture (grain storage and handling systems), civil engineering, architecture and construction.

Ananda Kalapugama

Sworn Translator (English into Sinhala) and vice versa, living in Sri Lanka

Slava Chudinov

Self-employed freelance conference interpreter, consultant, and translator
Native speaker of Russian. Fluent in English
10 years’ experience in the US: Washington DC, Los

Margaux Pirog

Freelance translator/localiser from English and Russian into French.
• video game localisation
• touristic, marketing & scientific translation
• proofreading

Yael Cahane-Shadmi

English>Hebrew commercial translator. English>Hebrew typed simultaneous translations.
Commercial translation lecturer since 2015. Former Deputy Chair of Israel Translators Association (2013-2017).

Ronnie J Rigdon

Highly qualified French to English translator. Saxophone and piano player. Time Lord in training.

Eleonora Angelici

English and German into Italian translator in Marketing, Leisure, and Technology. She helps businesses around the world express their true potential and reach their audience

Trevor Seok

Knowledge. Creativity. Perseverance.

Fabio M. Caldas

Language solutions provider with many years of professional & voluntary experience.
B.A. in International Relations with a major in International Law.

Muriel Muller

Translate from English and Italian into French.

Hannu Jaatinen

Translator, entrepreneur, CAT tool trainer, and a husband of one and father of two.
Passionate about teaching how CAT technology can improve productivity

Maria Bertilsson

Swedish freelance Translator, living and working in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (France). Working languages: English, French, Danish and Swedish.

Nadine Yaya

In transition from almost a decade in professional services to embrace Translation and Digital Marketing, my French is native and English was learnt while taking

Luisa Berlim

 Terminology Admin
 SEO Transcreation
 Copywriting
 Interpreting
 Subtitling
 Post-Editing MT Output

Elena Leonoff

Russian to English translator. Lots of media monitoring experience: I've translated Russian political and business news into English throughout the Putin era.

Katerina Pauliuc

I am passionate about Language Technologies, always looking for ways to improve translators' efficiency. I am an independent trainer in translation tools and workflows.

Klaudia Grochot

Swedish - English - German > Polish freelance translator

Alexandra Corrigan

BA Translation Graduate @cardiffuni 15. Teaching Assistant. Aspiring DE/EN translator and teacher. MA Translation Studies 16/17 @cardiffmlang. Student Affiliate @CIOLinguists

Belinda Gonzalez

A Venezuelan translator in Ecuador.

Rita Lopes Santos

Portuguese Translator & Proofreader (English and Spanish into Portuguese) | Localization Tester | Specialized in Localization, Marketing and E-Commerce

Melissa Harkin

Wife, mom, technical translator, and Climate Change advocate. English - Spanish - Portuguese. Environmental, Legal, Aviation, and LifeSciences.

Priyank Aggarwal

I am a full time freelance French to English/Hindi translator and interpreter based in New Delhi, India. Passionate about languages and anything related to translation

Vitalie Codreanu

Business (Financial Reports, Marketing Plans, Business Letters, Questionnaires)
Legal (Diplomas, Transcripts, Contracts, Affidavits, Courts Decisions & Declarations)

Vladimir Marinov

A freelance translator/editor based in Sofia, Bulgaria (EN>BG, BG>EN, ES>BG)

Gentiana Hasko

Hi guys,
I'm an Albanian translator/interpreter. I live and work in Tirana and my language pairs are EN/FR >SQ. Member of

Sofia Aldazabal Wood

I was a lawyer in Argentina until I moved to the UK in December 2005. Now I am an Argentine-British translator, with an MA in

Effie Emmanouilidou

English into Greek technical and medical translator. Specializing in user documentation and localization of software and equipment.

Irina Olenina

Freelance Translator | Serving Agencies and Individuals | Education Abroad Adviser

Amanda Canoska

across, 6 years experience

Igor Juríček

Owner of wordflux translation agency, freelancer turned into translation entrepreneur. Looking for new direct clients and mentoring new translators.

Julia Thornton

Certified English to Russian translator (American Translators Association)

Grey Drane

Translator (IT>EN) / Writer / Editor – Storytelling in business is about building personal connections with your audience, so a personal connection with the creator

Natalia Gutierrez

English-Spanish Translation student.

Dmytro Nehrii

English to Ukrainian and English to Russian translator, UATI member

Michael Bastin

Small Business owner, Project manager, Translator, and SEO. I promote various multilingual websites and manage translation and multilingual SEO consulting services.

Gloria Rivera

I am an EN/ES medical translator, interpreter, and instructor. I was a physician in my previous life in Peru and now I use that knowledge

Danilo Coviello

We offer affordable translations and we have a 100% positive feedback rate. Visit our website and read the

Sara Pisano

EN-JA>IT translator and localizer. +10 years in the business.

Laurence MASING

Insider's tanslations for global development

Kinga Dąbrowska

I'm Kinga. I am doing German-Italian studies in Bonn and in Florence. I am a highly motivated beginner translator awaiting new adventures translating from/into: Polish

Camila Rivera

English into Spanish translator|Scientific, technical, literary & general texts.

Traductora inglés-español| Textos científicos, técnicos, literarios y generales.

Mina Adel Agaiby

I am a very good translator and I have 3 years experience

Maksim Devyatov

A technical translator from English into Russian with vast translation experience and
expert knowledge in various engineering areas

Irene Yefremova

Variable translations and interpretations from/to English. My fields of competence are diverse...

Lucia Antunes

Portuguese translator based in Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Jo Rourke

I'm a translator & copywriter working from Spanish into English. I specialise in marketing and creative texts...and helping other translators.

Svyatoslav Albireo

Writer. Socialist. Psychologist. Translator. Cosmopolitan. Internationalist. Esperantist. Friendly.
Xenophobia-hater. Family - is not DNA. Homeland - is not a geography.

Adrieli Martins

I am a Brazilian Translator/Editor. I have a Master's degree in Translation Studies (EN-PT-BR). Areas of expertise: Marketing, Technical, Education, Business, Tourism, IT

Regina Bermudez-Berquist

I can translate, transcribe, or interpret in virtually any capacity from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English.

Natalia Baeza

I work as a translator since 2014, and I have experience with academic texts and commercial/ marketing materials from a wide range of industries like

Odile Stuart

Ten years as a translator from English/Dutch into French in many different sectors. I enjoy pluridisciplinary topics and learning more about business trends.

Georgia Mais

Translator, 25 years of experience

Hanna Gałczyńska

Freelance translator for 2 years. Motivated by a Japanese artist who always says that if we do our best, our dreams will come true!

Christine Dubuc

I am an English national living in France. I have many years of teaching French and would like to do more translating.

Inés Theglobalpassword

Professional translation and interpretation platform with an international network of professional translators and interpreters.
The most agile and comfortable way to communicate in

Natalia Sgibneva

EN-RU and ES-RU professional translator. Key areas: fashion, cosmetics, marketing, advertisement and tourism.

Christin Gaebel

WORDS ARE MY PASSION. Freelance translator with the language pair EN | DE based in Dresden, DE. Patent | Engineering | Marketing. For more information

Rachel McGuffin

Passionate and professional Chinese-English freelance translator and lifelong learner.

Jessica Wood

I recently gained my PhD in German and Italian Literature, and I am currently enjoying working as a freelance translator.

Giorgia Garavini

Translator, editor and proofreader from English and French into Italian for business, marketing, technical and legal texts. AdWords certified. MITI translator. Full details:

Lasfaghi Mohamed

Arabic Editing and Proofreading,
Transcription ( French & Arabic )
Translation French - Arabic - English

Mariana Serio

♦ English-Spanish translator and localizer.
♦ Providing clients with the key to reaching the Latin American market.
♦ Bookworm & movie buff.

Amelia Zadrożna-Nowak

I am a freelance translator passionate about game localization and subtitling.

Talita Oliveira

Translation and Interpreting student; Proofreader.

Charlotte Eidenbenz

Swiss entrepreneur and GE + EN to FR translator. Helping small- and medium-sized businesses grow their clientele and literary works reach a wider readership. Let's

Jongwon Im

Self-motivated and diligent translator with 2+ years of experience and 400,000+ words translated. Specializing in Tourism and Video / Mobile Games.

Test Manager

I'm just a test account for project manager.

Nate Hill

I'm a developer at I'm based in Japan and love working hard on new technology that helps specialized freelance translators get found by

Anahí Bosco

Certified English/Spanish translator and interpreter from Argentina, specializing in social sciences and philosophy and subtitle translation

Francesca Felici

I turned my passion for languages into my job. I like thinking that I help people connect by offering custom-designed services in order to overcome

David Perez Hidalgo

Hi, I’m David Perez Hidalgo, an expert linguist with over 12 years’ experience and a knack for boosting my clients’ results in the Spanish market

Annateresa Buonpensiere

A passionate reader, I’m extremely precise and very curious.
The love for languages and books naturally led me to translation.

Emerson M. Pinto

Native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and qualified professional translator/interpreter with experience in translation, interpreting, video-editing, and proofreading.

Cilmara Dias

I am Brazilian and have been living here my entire life. I am passionate about languages and translation. You will not regret working with me

Ed Callow

DE > EN translator specialising in marketing, IT and tech.

Erika Jorge

I am a Salvadoran Translator, Spanish to English and English to Spanish is my specialty! 3 years working as a Translator in Compassion International...

Luca Ciardulli

Freelance translator with a passion for sport, history, science and gaming.

Murillo Mathias

17 years of experience for clients all over the world.

Lorena Grancelli

Professional English-Spanish translator specialized in human resources, healthcare and education.
If you need to reach Spanish-speaking audiences, do not hesitate to contact me


Turkish mother tongue. Sworn translator of Court of Bologna and Modena(Italy). Offering translation and consecutive interpretation services in Turkish, English and Italian language combinations.

Kim Edwards-Buarque

I´m a native UK translator and copywriter, from Spanish and Portuguese to English, with 25 years' experience in marketing roles for international business, tourism and

Kelly McGuire

Chinese/Dutch to English freelance translator and writer with a passion for heritage preservation, wildlife conservation, gaming, and travel. Originally from Gibraltar, now living in the

Andrea Mazzocchi

38-year-old translation-lover, mum and wife. I have translated books from different fields: engineering, medicine, Christian books and articles, among ohers. I love literay translation.

Tobias Förster /// German Translation (English/French to German/de-DE) & High German Voice Over Recording Studio

Maria Elena Calicchia Dickens

Environmental Translator EN>IT

Mohamed ElGohary

Global Voices Lingua Manager

Aurélie Charvet

- Professional translator
- English to French and Italian to French
- Legal and business specialization
- 7-year experience
- Personalized

Roberto Popolizio



Elena Martín López

English into Spanish translator and proofreader. Software and legal translation. Software testing.

Anna Jędrzejewska

Polish Translator | Marketing Expert | Copywriter

Juyeon Park

I am a freelance translator and am also studying for a master degree in Translation and Localization. I have 5 years of work experience

Mona Azra

Hi, I'm Mona. I live in Cairo, Egypt. My native language is Arabic and I've been working in subtitling/translation for 25 years. It's my passion

Stella Tevarotto

Italian literary translator based in Paris.
Translates from English and French to Italian

Cinzia Sangiovanni

English and French into Italian translator since 2007, specializing in medicine, market research and business.

Morano El Kholy

I am an Egyptian PRO EnglishArabic freelance translator / proofreader & a subtitle translator.

Florin Savu

I have been working as a full-time freelance translator since 2005, being involved, among others, in technical, oil and gas, business, banking, accounting and medicine

Oleg Pogrebnyak

Translating between German, Russian and English since 2006, with areas of specialization including banking, medicine, engineering, sciences, law and politics.

Khalid Makarem

My name is Khalid, I am a freelancer and a student at the English Literature University in Damascus.
I can translate from English

Marc Boisban

English to French translator/localizer specialized in IT and video games.

Abdessamad Nafissi

I'm an Arabic native translator & interpreter with a Master degree in Translation Interpretation studies. I enjoy more than seven years of experience in various

Przemek Kalemba

Translator, subtitler, husband and father. Proud owner of Columbus Translations at

Nuno Barros

I am a Portuguese native speaker and I hold a degree in English literature. I offer translation, proofread and writing services in both languages. I

Hung Tran

Experience in translate gaming content and IT documents

Mariela García

I am an EnglishSpanish technical, scientific and literary translator.

Otávio Banffy

Get a Portuguese passport for your games right now!

Margarita Karpova

I am full-time freelance translator. 5+ years of engaged experience in translating/proofreading/editing. I'm dedicated to producing the most natural-sounding translations.

Anna Gritsai

English - Russian translator.

Olga Bodnar

English, Ukrainian, and Russian Translator and Interpreter Helping Businesses Reach Ukrainian and Russian Target Groups

Exactitude Translations

English to Norwegian translator.
Visit me at

Simon Akhrameev

Blogger, entrepreneur, certified English-Russian translator helping businesses expand to the Russian market since 2007 offering technical, legal, and marketing translation & localization services.

Marcela Alonso

Literary, Technical and Scientific Translator English-Spanish, More than 10 years of experience.
Fields of Expertise: Subtitling, Literature, Architecture, Design, Art, Human Sciences, Education.

Sofía Akemi Mendoza Higa

English-Spanish translator. Languages lover. Spanish language passionate. Readaholic.

Vanina Berenice García

EN>ES Freelance Translator.

Nancy Areliusson

I have been a teacher and am moving into freelance translation. I am excited to be a part of the Open MIC community!! Please follow

Marco Díaz

ATA-Certified English to Spanish legal and technical translator in the San Diego Area specializing in contract law, business law, family law, and mechanical/electrical engineering I

Irina Klimina

Russian Translator with Expertise in Media and Marketing

Taha Shoeb

An expert Arabic/Urdu to English translator offering professional translation services in genres such as human rights journalism, religion and law

Silvia Ghiara

English/French to Italian audiovisual translator.

Jared Firth

A Russian to English translator specializing in marketing, international relations, and video game localization, I love entrepreneurship, traveling, and learning about the world

Sarah Thonnet

Spanish and English into German Translator, Gran Canaria/Spain.

David Miralles

I'll make your business grow through words.
Sworn Translator & Interpreter [ES, EN, FR, CA]
Copywriter & content marketer.

Olga Reinholdt

Lifestyle translator, motivation coach and translation mentor. I'm here to help you thrive in your translation business.

Nikki Graham

Words are my business and I want to make them work for you
Proof-editor and Spanish to English Translator and Reviser

Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz

Double BA Translator & Interpreter. Linguistic & Intercultural Mediator. Certified Nurse Assistant at surgery theater. Diplomiert in Handel- und Wirtschaft.

Patricia Brenes

Terminology is my passion and I write what I have learned about it in my blog Check it out! More personal info at

Caterina Saccani - Saccani Translations

Italian freelance Conference Interpreter & Translator, living and working in Belgium and Germany.
Languages: Italian, German, English, Dutch

Magda Falcone

Freelance Translator (EN, FR, PT, ES > IT), Proofreader and Archivist

Dmitry Kornyukhov

Founder of The Open Mic. Video game localization specialist. I help video game developers, game publishers and localization studios bring their projects to the Russian-speaking