Sarah Henter

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offlineJoined December 3, 2015Health Care, Law: companies and business, Marketing, PR and/or market research, Medicine (general), PharmaceuticalsSpain
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Sofia Costa

Hello, I'm Sophie! Nice to meet you, I'm super excited and motivated to be here and have the opportunity to help you. I'm looking forward

Ioana Dobre

Hello! I love translating from English to Romanian. My areas of expertise are social sciences and I am interested in marketing. I am also a

Stephanie Rudenko


I am an Information Technologist, bilingual


Sou uma pessoa responsável, dedicada gosto muito de trabalhar tenho capacidades de fazer com que meu trabalho sai perfeitamente como pedido.

Joseane Rodrigues

In this year of 2022 I decided to face a new professional career as a translator, I have already done services as a freelancer in

Silva Sousa

Sou uma tradutora com o idioma nativo português, e ajudo estrangeiros a traduzir para sua língua.

Joshua Marteau

I'm an English and Spanish professional translator. I have an affinity for video games, board games, the environment, arts and culture and travelling. I can

Crystelle Magante

My objective is to be able to grow professionally where I can utilize my skills and knowledge which would enable me as a fresh graduate

Anastasia Giagopoulou

Greek translator working from English to Greek, specialized in technical and marketing translations. Transcreation for advertising and marketing.

Nadhira Khalid

A certified English-Indonesian translator with 24 years of experience (both in-house & freelance). I master many CAT tools, reasonable rate through open communication. Deadline? I

Wyslla Teixeira

Self-taught in two languagem: english (fluent) and french (beginner). I have 11 years of experience translating and typing all kinds of texts from english to

Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

I'm a professional translator who has been translating for over 15 years. Being a natural speaker of both English and Spanish, I specialise in direct

Benjamin Baker

My Father is British and my Mother is French. I was fortunate to live in the UK, in the US, in Canada and in Holland

ildar genanov

english - russian technical translator
12 years of experience in telecom domain
4 years of translation experience

Sabrina Gonçalves

Hi! Welcome to my profile! If you´re looking for someone to help you translate english to portuguese or portuguese to english... I am the one

Gleilson Da Silva Ferreira

Graduating in English from Estácio, work with redaction of text advertising in diverse segment for more than 5 year. I Have specialization in different softwares:

Beatriz Vieira

Hi, I'm from Portugal and I really like to translate movies and others things.
I'm a Sad Potato too
But have fun

Daniel Kral

Translator and copywriter specializing in Slovak to English projects.

Lineker Calseverini

I'm a native portuguese brazilian speaker with a bachelor in Linguistics, Literature and Translation.
Since I've been using english from my early years, I

Ayrton Pimenta

Well, what i can briefly talk about myself? Always looking for new things to learn and practice, focusing on new experiences and trying to become

Henrique Amorim

I am an 'EnglishPortuguese' translator. I graduated in English Language by UEPB University. Although I have Portuguese as my native language, I am fluent in

Thiago Carneiro

Hi there,
I'm Thiago, a Brazillian dedicated translator (English-Brazillian Portuguese).
Since my childhood I like to write texts.

Vladislav Bakhtyurin

Translator of user interfaces, advertising and marketing materials

Julia Santana

I study environmental biology in college and am looking to start in the translating world.

Rodrigo Dantes

Hello! I'm an 18 old brazilian.
I look forward to acquiring some experience, whilst helping you the most I can.

Antoine Wicquart

German and English to French | Translation, proofreading, subtitling | Marketing, telecommunication, outdoor industry

Carolina Cavalcanti

Hey There!
I'm Carol, a Brazilian girl that loves the English langague and loves translate things while drik an a little - maybe

Eliot Sharpe Valadares

Seasoned linguist, M.A. Translation Studies, B.A. Spanish Language. Portuguese/Spanish>English. Specialized in Audio-Visual, Technical, Marketing and resume translation.

Alice Castro Da Silva

Sou uma tradutora freelancer iniciante,mas faço traduções de músicas e histórias desde os meus 10 anos.

Giovana Minete

I am a student of translation from Brazil, and I am trying to learn more about the field.

Nicollas Diógenes

I am a brazilian translator that learned english as a kid, i am very open to translate any kind of stuff ( manga too, haha)

Felipe Silva

I'm a Physics student in USP, a great university in São Paulo, Brazil.
I've been studying english since I'm a teenager and now

Amabelle Dantas

I'm graduating from English and seeking opportunities to apply and use my skills. I have experience with proofwriting and translation.

Christiane Bueno

Hello! I am a skilled professional with more than seven years of experience in providing highly accurate translating services.

Estela Vieira

brazilian, new translator, 17 years old

José Manuel Miana

Hello everyone!
I'm an English to Spanish Automotive translator and former car mechanic.
I know EVERYTHING about cars and their history


I am a native Portuguese Speaker, born in Brazil, and fluent in English since I was 14 years old. I am also a Law Student

Eve Mutunga

Well I am currently working as a translator ,editor , copy writer . My native language is Swahili while my Foreign Language is English. I enjoy translation

Andersson Sagaz

A calm and confident person who likes challenges in life

Teresa Zuhl

Translations that take you places

Rico Sacro

Rico has been a campus journo for about 4 years now and he's currently aspiring for his bachelor's degree in the field of Radiologic Technology

Marina Terra

Translation: English to Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Brazil) to English

Julieta Ferrer

Curious, creative and professional.

Bruna Bordignon

Hello! I'm Bruna from Brazil! I am a graduated journalist and lawyer, and also a freelance translator.


Hi there! I am a native Hindi-English and English-Hindi translator. I love to help people this way and enjoy a lot playing with words and

Stephanie Hancox

Freelance creative marketing translator. Provides German and Dutch into English translation and transcreation services.

Michael Mwangi

A Swahili translator in General, Medical, Legal, Technical, Technology products

Matheus Borges

I am from the Tourism area, with a great experience in the area. I currently work as a tourist guide and I am always willing

Marlene Almeida

Translation of:
English to Spanish/Spanish to English;
Spanish to Portuguese/Portuguese to Spanish;
English to Portuguese/Portuguese to English

Yuliya Kinash

Full-Time Freelance Legal and Medical Translator

Paulo Henrique Fontenele de Almeida

Bachelor's at Letras (Português-Inglês-Literaturas) from Universidade Federal do Ceará
High School Regular Teacher in Ceará, Brazil.

Danilo Diniz Silva

I' am a 31 years old brazilian and I've been working mainly as an English teacher in public
schools and a language school for

Lorena Klemencic

I am a Sworn English into Spanish Translator with more than 15 years of working experience in clinical research industry.

Salman Hossen

Medical student striving as a freelance translator. Fluent in English, French and Turkish.

Tea Komšić

English to Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/ Russian language translator. Loving everything that has to do with translation :)

Lien Nguyen

Hello, my name is Lien Nguyen.
I have been a freelance interpreter and translator for over 8 years now.
Please take

Madeha Ghagary

SmartCat En Ar Senior translator, over 5 years of translation experience. hold a BA, I have many published books that I have translated into Arabic

Doncheu Temagna William

I am a very passionate freelance translator, working full time and part time on weekends. I always commit to high quality translations and prompt delivery

Cydney Miazga

I have a passion for audiovisual translation. I am drawn to the intricacies of subtitling. I spoke on the panel "Revising Out Loud: Articulated Translation

Hanna Penzer

German Translator specializing in public relations, business, and NGO communications. M.A. in Political Science, co-founder of I deliver accurate translations that reflect

Jenniffer Martínez

I'm Chilean freelance translator -English-Spanish language pair. Professional lover of letters and grammar both in Spanish and English, and of the various literatures in the

Nar Poghos

I write in approachable language making sure the message is clear and concise.
When translaing and editing, I recreate the original text, making

Selda Ramja

Currently I am working as a Telephone Interpreter for institutions of UK such as Ministry of Justice, Department of Work and Pensions, Home Office, Department

Hadjer Benounane

I am an Arabic native speaker and a freelance translator in English- french - Arabic and vice versa.

Yulia Nikonova

Native Russian speaker living in Australia, I’m committed to produce high quality translations that naturally engage the Russian reader through the author's authentic style.

Andreina Trujillo Gonzalez

English/French>Spanish professional translator specialized in audiovisual, medical, and journalistic translation

Francesco Vitaioli

I'm native Italian, living in Brazil

Laurine Crevoisier

Freelance translator EN-FR, SP-FR and KR-FR. Medical, marketing and law fields with experiences.

Selene Bovo

English to Spanish translator based in Argentina with over 8 years experience. I work mainly in the areas of healthcare and medicine. Besides, I am

Christian Hoffmann

I'm a freelance translator living in the Netherlands with a background in science. I do enjoy working on a wide variety of content, but get

Jairo Hernandez

Hello everybody! I'm Jairo and I'm from El Salvador, I speak Spanish and English, I enjoy helping people, here is my contact;, I'm

Fernando Vega Villanueva

English-Spanish, English-Catalan translator with over 5 years of experience. Specialized in Arts, Films and Videogames.

Jimena Fleyta

Hello! I 'm Jimena an audiovisual translator. Subtitler, audiodescriber and I work with dubbing scripts.
I specialize in art, architecture and urbanism as

Iryna Khramchenko

I am a technical and marketing translator based in Lviv, Ukraine.
Since 2011, I have translated 2,948,251 words (counted by major projects alone).

Christelle Djeukeu

I am a freelance translator. I have 4 years' experience. I translate from English/Spanish to French. I also offer transcription, subtitling and copywriting services.

Iryna Hrubiy

I translate from French and Ukrainian to English. I'm a native English speaker with a B.S. in Economics from Drexel University, and most recently

Dongwoo Lee

I am a full-time freelance translator (ENKO, Native Korean) and have experienced in translating General marketing/Marketing research and Business & E-commerce contents.

Alanoud Freed

human, Saudi, girl. Bachelor in English language.
interested in reading, writing and also - obviously- in translation.

Mahmud Alam

I discovered the subtleties of translation in my undergraduate studies. I have this growing love for translation ever since. With years of experience this love

ahmed alabadla

My name is Ahmed Alabadla. I am a professional and qualified translator. I have
been working in this field for 9 years, spent it

Antonio Leggieri

Chinese-Italian and English-Italian Translator and Interpreter, wanna-be scholar of Chinese Literature

cloud nathan

I am a professional Translator, proofreader and editor with about 30 years of experience.

Sylvie Barnet

ATA certified English-French translator with over 20 years of experience, specialized in legal translation and international development (World Bank, UNICEF, NGOs).

Mustafa Muhammed

I'm Mustafa Muhammed , an English Arabic translator and lecturer of translation studies. Libyan living in the capital Tripoli, looking always to learn new skills and

Hector Reyes

I am a Spanish native speaker who reached an advanced level of English at Centro electrónico de Idiomas, an academy accredited by ACCET. I can

Alexander Bartels

I work as a freelance translator as well as in-house. The majority of my experience is in legal work and financial services.

Irina Lowisky

I am an EnglishSpanish Translator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My areas of expertise are audiovisual and medical translation.

Christophe Contassot

Hi! I'm a freelance translator since 1999, with French as target language and English, Swedish and Danish as source. I also do proofreading, interpreting and

Maysaa Abed

Freelance English Arabic Translator, and proofreader. I am a passionate Language learner. Please contact me at

Bader Hasan

19 years old.
Sophomore in college. Majored in English.

Raquel Fernandes

Globe trotter, unconditional love for languages and cultures. I strongly believe that communication is the best solution for a strong business relationship. At your service

Tran Marcus

I am Marcus Tran from Vietnam. I have worked in the translation industry for 5 years. I work with the philosophy "quality spread great trust"

Camila Araujo

Translation Student. ENG-SPA

Maria Popova

Kind, communicative and responsible :)

Oleg Doketov

I'm young translator who collect any information about this field in different sources for organizing my own mind and finally taking success in this direction


I am a professional and dedicated freelance translator, interpreter, journalist, editor, publishing expert, proofreader, teacher&professor of MFL (ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, ROMANIAN).

Osmany Ortiz

I like to improve my work everyday so as to give a better service in the future.

Clare Sharp

Translator, Italian to English, since 1991.

jie zhang

Hi, I'm Jie, a Chinese native speaker, freelance writer and professional translator.

Hemn Mohammed

I pursued my B. A. in English language and literature. I have three years experience in teaching English with so many legal translations. I try

Alexey Smirnov

I'm a professional English-Russian translator from Moscow, Russia. I have a degree in linguistics and over 15 years of translation and localization experience.

Absalon Guzman

I was born in Colombia and my family moved to Venezuela when I was a young teenager. I studied English as my second language and

Gentiana Hasko

Hi guys,
I'm an Albanian translator/interpreter. I live and work in Tirana and my language pairs are EN/FR >SQ. Member of

Daniel Barroso

Self-taught in english, from Brazil, I just recently managed to score a C1 at Cambridge's FCE. Now I'm trying to delve into translation and subtitling

Asmaa Negm

I've been working as a Freelance translator for 15 years now. I translate perfectly between the languages Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. And have many

Antonio Gordinho

Hi there, I am Portuguese and I am passionate about languages and I am a certified Public Translator in Portuguese, Spanish and English

gabrielle dahms

Fully bi-lingual in German and English, I have translated a variety of documents from German to English as well as from English into German over

Fadwa Mohammed

Freelance English Arabic Translator. Language Connoisseur learner. Translation Studies MA. Please feel free to contact me at

Marcela Torres Suárez

Freelance translator and interpreter EN/FR ES/GL specialising in scientific topics. Currently working as a freelance translator for National Geographic Spain.

Vanes Naldi

The subtitles YOU want

Anja Prünster

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
Mark Twain

Rami Emad

Experienced Freelance Translator, Conference Simultaneous Interpreter, and Sworn Legal Translator. Worked for NASA in Arabic, Syrian Astronomers Association and UNERWA.

Laura Solana

EN/FR- ES Translation | Editing | Sworn Translation | Interpreting | Proofreading | Post-Editing

Erik Hansson

Erik Hansson is a native Swede living in Germany since the beginning of the 1990s. He is a professional translator for German into Swedish and

Sarah Symons Glegorio

Spanish & Portuguese to English translator specializing in business, legal & financial texts. 10+ years of experience in bilingual business settings having lived and worked

Stella Tevarotto

Italian literary translator based in Paris.
Translates from English and French to Italian

Yulia Mertsalova

Hi, I have 10+ years of experience as a translator in English-Russian language pair. Recently, I am a freelancer living in Ibiza. I would love

Sara Rada

Mass Comunication | Audiovisual Arts | Graphic Content Designer / Translation | Subtitling | Editing | ENG-SPA.

Hung Tran

Experience in translate gaming content and IT documents

Przemek Kalemba

Translator, subtitler, husband and father. Proud owner of Columbus Translations at

Abdessamad Nafissi

I'm an Arabic native translator & interpreter with a Master degree in Translation Interpretation studies. I enjoy more than seven years of experience in various

Sirajul Islam

Meticulous and bilingual; professionally skilled in translation from both English-Bengali and Bengali-English, Sirajul Islam is a Rajshahi University post graduate in English Language & Literature

Khalid Makarem

My name is Khalid, I am a freelancer and a student at the English Literature University in Damascus.
I can translate from English

Richard Perez-Mongard

English-Spànish-English translator for Business, Engineering and Environment topics, a specialist based on degrees and studies.

Sara Tancredi

English/French>Italian translator based in Italy.

Julia Thornton

Certified English to Russian translator (American Translators Association)

Adrieli Martins

I am a Brazilian Translator/Editor. I have a Master's degree in Translation Studies (EN-PT-BR). Areas of expertise: Marketing, Technical, Education, Business, Tourism, IT

Giorgia Garavini

Translator, editor and proofreader from English and French into Italian for business, marketing, technical and legal texts. AdWords certified. MITI translator. Full details:

Valérie Karam

French native, freelance translator, I provide quality translations from English to French, and consider a good communication as an essential to reach our common goal:

Flavia Luz

Polyglot translator helping businesses to master their communications in English or Portuguese. Living and working around the world. Passionate about travel, language, photography, art and

Irina Klimina

Russian Translator with Expertise in Media and Marketing

Vova Zakharov

Hey, I’m back from my slumber! Now giving my best shot at running Gyglio ⚜️ Grows you global. I know a bit about running a

Fabio Descalzi

Translator, writer, Wikipedist, lecturer, blogger, architect

Bryner Villalobos Leiva

Freelance translator lookin for new experiences and sharing with people. If you want to see a bit of my writing (in Spanish) visit my blog

Nancy Areliusson

I have been a teacher and am moving into freelance translation. I am excited to be a part of the Open MIC community!! Please follow

Sarah Thonnet

Spanish and English into German Translator, Gran Canaria/Spain.

Marie Brotnov

I present your medical and legal documents intelligently and convincingly in English. Let me do the hard work to make your eloquence look easy.

Federica Bruniera

JP/EN/FR > IT Translator based in Vancouver, Canada. Avid reader and traveller, failed singer, newbie blogger and life enthusiast.

Berit Kostka

English to German translator (German native) ● Biologist ● Sailing skipper and former tourism employee ● Educated in Germany & UK ● 6 years experience

Alexey Tsapov

Professional Translations in Technical and IT fields to Progress your Business

Vanina Berenice García

EN>ES Freelance Translator.

Lorena Santonocito

English, Spanish to Italian translator & language specialist. Travel and tourism; audiovisual translation; marketing and communication; human rights and international development; educational content.

Enrico Antonio Mion

Eco-conscious Italian translator specialised in cycling. Empowering people to live healthier lives through my translation work. #runner #UrbanCyclist

Caterina Saccani - Saccani Translations

Italian freelance Conference Interpreter & Translator, living and working in Belgium and Germany.
Languages: Italian, German, English, Dutch

Marianella Quintero

English-Spanish Literary Translator and Sworn Translator
I translate at

Maaike Hoogvliet

Are you looking for a translator EN>DU, please visit my site: I'm looking forward to meeting

Patricia Brenes

Terminology is my passion and I write what I have learned about it in my blog Check it out! More personal info at

Guillermo Sáez Gómez

EN, FR, CAT, NL, AR, > ES Translator. Main areas of expertise: IT, automobiles, technology, localisation, biomedical and music.

Giuseppe Bellone

Freelance Translator ENGLISH > Italian and FRENCH > Italian -- Proofreader
Author and co-author of books, bilingual dictionaries and crosswords/word games.

Fiona Busfield

Freelance translator offering language services from French and German to English. 19 years' professional experience. Specialist in law, business and IT.

Nikki Graham

Words are my business and I want to make them work for you
Proof-editor and Spanish to English Translator and Reviser

Ana Lourenço

Founder of Blossom Translations. English, French and Spanish into Portuguese translator.
Fresh Produce Business specialist. Helping small and medium-sized businesses reach wider target

Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz

Double BA Translator & Interpreter. Linguistic & Intercultural Mediator. Certified Nurse Assistant at surgery theater. Diplomiert in Handel- und Wirtschaft.

Vanesa Álvarez Ortiz

Audiovisual translator

Sijin Xian

Washington D.C.-based professional English-Chinese translator specializing in international affairs. Serving research institutes, think tanks, and advocacy organizations.

Elena Misuraca
Translations from ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN into ITALIAN

Magda Falcone

Freelance Translator (EN, FR, PT, ES > IT), Proofreader and Archivist

Aurélie Perrin

English to French video game translator, Localization Specialist and Indie Localizer.
I help indie devs, studios and editors to localize and promote their

Iva Pajvancic

I am an experienced English > Serbian IT translator and localizer, passionate about technology and languages.

Kozue Macmichael

Native Japanese speaker, educated in North America. Canadian citizen. 3 years of experience in Medical/Market research audio translation (JP>ENG), Subtitling (ENG>JP) and Proofreading (JP)

Laura Innocenti

English/Brazilian Portuguese to Italian translator, subtitler, video game localization specialist

Dmitry Kornyukhov

Founder of The Open Mic. Video game localization specialist. I help video game developers, game publishers and localization studios bring their projects to the Russian-speaking

Elena Tereshchenkova

EN-RU translator. Make the world better one translation at a time & help companies connect with Russian speakers all around the world. Creator of I

María Gómez

Spaniard living in London - EN>ES Translator. Experience with software translation and legal translation

Carol Belvis

EN, FR, DE> ES, Ca translator specializing in software, video games and tourism.

Francesca Airaghi

I am a financial translator, partnering with global investment companies to communicate with the Italian market. I also help fellow translators to be successful in

Joseph Lambert

FR, IT - EN freelance translator and PhD student in translation studies

Antonella Barbieri

Italian translator, copywriter and interpreter specialising in Med/Pharma and IT/Software.

Sara Borchiellini -

Interpreter, Translator for Italian - German - English
Italy, Emilia-Romagna

Exactitude Translations

English to Norwegian translator.
Visit me at

Eugenia Durante

Freelance Translator & Writer (EN>ITA, FR>ITA) - Finance, Marketing & Audiovisual mainly.
I do what I love and love what I do!

Volodymyr Dreval

Translating from English into Russian/Ukrainian s. 1998. In 2012 I set up a video game localization gig Videogames.Translated. Plus doing lots of non video

Langwich Translations

Alessandra, Emmanuele & Manuela, a multilingual team of #translators and great friends specialising in #AVT and #localisation. Language gourmets. Pun lovers.

Haralabos Papatheodorou

English to Greek medical translator | MD, MSc, PhD | Certified Radiologist | Certificate in Translation

Simon Akhrameev

Blogger, entrepreneur, certified English-Russian translator helping businesses expand to the Russian market since 2007 offering technical, legal, and marketing translation & localization services.